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Scott Bradbury ~ Callin' All Blues
Scott Bradbury
Callin' All Blues

1. Callin' All Blues
2. Clybourn Avenue
3. Don't Turn Your Back On The Blues
4. Life Story
5. This Life Don't Last Forever
6.  Be Careful What You Wish For

7. Things I Should
8.  Light Fuse Get Away (Harp Instrumental)
9. Looking For MY Baby
10. Third Eye
11. Country Girl

J.B. Ritchie
Power Blues
1. Rocket 88
2. She's Nineteen Years Old
3. Howlin' For My Darlin'
4. Champagne And Reefer
5. Trouble No More
6. Messin' With The Kid
7. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
8. Shake It For Me
9. Nervous Breakdown
10. You Don't Gotta
11. Little Red Rooster
12. Shake Your Money Maker

Joe Kelley
The Blue Shadow
1. Can't Be Satisfied
2. Livin' Out On The Street
3. Good Time Rockin' Rollers
4. Dig
5. Houston and Chicago
6. Rock Me Baby
7. Stuck Down Here In Houston
8. Have You Ever Been Busted
9. Thoughts In Blue
10. Little Red Rooster
11. How Many More Years

Hip Linkchain
Change My Blues
1. Cold Chills
2. Change My Blues
3. Shaggy Hound
4. Call Muddy Waters
5. Walking Blues
6. Mad & Evil
7. Walking From Door To Door
8. That Will Never Do
9. All My Whole Life
10. Night Life

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