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J.B. Ritchie
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Established 1981


Artist   J.B. Ritchie


Publication   Blues Revue   
Date  Tuesday, January 1st, 2002  
Auther   Tom Hyslop
     ISSUE NO. 73 DEC / JAN 2002 (PAGE 70)

Guitarist-singer J.B. Ritchie, in company of Frank Bandy (electric bass) and Marty Binder (drums), knocks out tough, rock-edged blues that sound so good. Ritchie's secret? Instead of playing shredder tricks or turning a deaf ear to dead-end (deadened) rock beats, he simply juices up the blues, so they stay blues, dig? His liner dedications indicate that he's been around Chicago for some years, hanging around masters like Wolf and Muddy, from whom the program draws heavily. "Howlin' for My Darlin" stands out, along with Ritchie's cool slow blues "You Don't Gotta." Power Blues (Teardrop 1005) couldn't describe its content any better. Thumbs up.-


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