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Established 1981


Artist   Scott Bradbury


Date  Wednesday, December 31st, 1969  
Auther   Mark Thompson
     Callin' All Blues

Bradbury is a harp player with a solid history, playing for over 30 years including stints in the bands of Sam Lay plus the late greats John Brim and Jimmy Rogers. For this recording TearDrop owner Frank Bandy has assembled a fine group in support of "Badboy Scotty", with Bandy on bass, Tre Hardiman on guitar and the veteran Marty Binder on drums.Ten of the tracks were written by Bradbury, with the closing tune a spirited cover of the Johnny Otis tune "Country Girl.

I was not familiar with Bradbury before I received a copy of this disc. When I asked Bob Levis about him, Bob raved about Scott's playing, calling him the real deal. That had me eagerly anticipating the arrival of the disc.... Bradbury does not show off his abilities by trying to play everthing he knows in a solo. He allows his harp work to accent the songs, going for feeling over technique. The title track leads off the disc with a solid dose of blowin' as the leader trades licks with Tre's guitar. "Life Story", the first of three slow blues tracks, finds Bradbury's playing creating a mournful moan that captures the anguish expressed in the songs lyrics. The other two are just as good, with "Third Eye" telling the story of a woman who has visions in her sleep of her man cheating on her. Bradbury clearly knows how to write a quality song. The lone instrumental cut, "Light Fuse Get Away", gives Scott the chance to stretch out a bit on an up tempo romp with a driving beat from Binder. Another highlight is the outstanding guitar work from Tre'. Like Bradbury, he refrains from playing too much, too fast. Instead, he expertly frames the leader's vocals and harp work with inventive fills. He has a unique sound that grows on you. and the recording sounds fantastic!!! Each muscian is very clearly heard in the mix; there is "air" between them. It's hard to explain what I mean by that comment. Perhaps it is better to just say that the disc recreates a "live" sound, which is hagh praise for any recording. If you want a disc of original contemporary blues, well played by vetran muscians, that respects the tradition learned from the previous generation, this disc will fill the bill. and I bet you'll find it frequently appears in your CD player.


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