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Established 1981


Artist   Scott Bradbury


Publication   Midwest Beat Magazine   
Date  Friday, September 24th, 2004  
Auther   Eric Stiner
     Callin' Scott Bradbury

TearDrop Records is a small, Midwest boutique blues label out that has helped nuture the careers of bluesmen J.B. Ritchie (Power Blues), former member of the Shadows of Knight -- Joe Kelley (The Blue Shadow)and the late Hip Linkchain (Change My Blues). Producer Frank Bandy (aka "Righthand Frank") plays bass, and has got an ear for first-class Chicago-style blues. When I first heard Badboy Scotty, I was taken aback by his command of the blues, wether he's playing original cuts like "Clybourn Avenue" or "Don't Turn Your Back on the Blues" or Johnny Otis' "Country Girl". Scotty's blues education includes work with John Brim, Sam Lay and world tours with Jimmy Rogers. "Scott Bradbury's Callin' All Blues is a refreshing blast of authentic Chicago blues from a solid harpist and songwriter; there's 11 top-notch songs on this Teardrop CD. Callin' All Blues is one of my favorite blues releases of the year so far."


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