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Established 1981


Artist   Hip Linkchain


Publication   Rollin' & Tumblin   
Date  Wednesday, May 1st, 2002  
Auther   Bill Mcbride

reissue. / As someone who has an interest in all types of blues music, I must confess that I'm a sucker for blues from the west side of Chicago. If you're not sure what that style sounds like, listen to the first five seconds of "Cold Chills", the opening track on a gem of a reissue by Hip Linkchain called "Change My Blues". Originally released in 1981, this is a fine document of an underrated guitarist in prime form. He's joined on piano by a true legend, Pinetop Perkins. The interplay between the two is a joy to listen to. If you've never been in a cramped storefront blues club, just close your eyes and listen to "All My Whole Life" or "Walking Blues". When I say the sound is not polished, I mean it as a supreme compliment. The sound here is raw without being sloppy. Just two blues aces playing with a lot of feeling and one hell of a groove. As a vinyl release this was tragically overlooked. Now, twenty years later, it deserves a new life. Hip Linkchain was not a prolific recording artist, though he did play all over the world. If you never caught a live set of his, give this a listen. It's never too late to discover some good west side blues.


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