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  • Eddy Clearwater  "Joe Kelley is one of the most energetic and powerful blues guitarists on today's blues circuit"

  • Rolling Stone  "Brilliant ! "

  • Illinois Entertainer  "A consummate musician"

  • Billboard  "The wailing guitarist"

  • Koko Taylor  "Joe is fantastic ! A real down-to-earth guitar player, just super !" -  

Joe Kelley is best known for his work with the Chicago band Shadows of Knight. Joe originally joined the band as the bass player and played bass on the 1966 hit song "Gloria ". It soon became evident that Joe was the best guitar prayer in the band so he stepped, into the roll of lead guitarist, Joe toured for years with the Shadows of Knight, The rock anthem "Gloria" has sold over 6 million copies. 
   As the 1960's came to a close, Joe Kelley was earning a reputation as one of the hottest blues guitarist in Chicago. Joe honed his guitar and vocal skills on Chicago's south side, working with many of the blues greats including Sam Lay. Joe spent many a late night and early morning taking in the wisdom of the great Willie Dixon. Joe has recorded with Wild Child Butler and Long John Hunter.
  Joe Kelley "The Blue Shadow" is his debut release as a front man. Included are seven originals proving that Joe takes his blues seriously.

"This guy has got what it takes to make strings on a guitar talk " - Magic Slim


    TearDrop Artist Joe Kelley, who played bass and guitar for the group Shadows of Knight and was a major blues guitarist in the Chicago area, died on Sunday Sept 1st 2013 after battling cancer.

    Kelley originally played in local Chicago bands the Exides and the Vectors but was recruited to join the Shadows of Knight in 1965. The group had formed the previous year but original bassist Wayne Pursell left and Kelley was brought in.

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