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Hip Linkchain was born in Jackson, Mississippi on November 10, 1936. He was raised in Louise, Mississippi. Hip picked cotton from age seven to age eighteen; he then moved to Chicago. He has played the blues all of his life. His first time playing on a bandstand was in 1956.
Hip is an experienced blues guitar player and vocalist. He has played with Little Walter, Magic Sam, Junior Wells and Jimmy Rogers.
This is Hip's first album in the United States; he has two important albums out .. On My Way MCM LP 900.299 and West Side Blues JSP LP 1010.

AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Linkchain was a solid, no frills bluesman

Cancer struck guitarist Hip Linkchain down before he could shed his status as a Chicago blues journeyman. With a fine album on the Dutch Black Magic logo, Airbusters, to his credit shortly before he died, Linkchain might have managed to move up a rung or two in the city's blues pecking order had he lived longer.

Hip Linkchain: Lead Guitar And Vocals
Pinetop Perkins: Piano
Rich Kirch: Guitar
Right Hand Frank Bandy: Bass

Hip Linkchain
b. Willie Richard, 10 November 1936, near Jackson, Mississippi, USA, d. 13 February 1989, Chicago, Illinois, USA. As a baby, Linkchain was known as Long Linkchain. Hip heard the blues at home and learned to play acoustic guitar, switching to electric after settling in Chicago in the early '50s. He formed his first band in 1959 and recorded singles in the '60s for the Lola and Sann labels, under the name Hip Lanchan. In the '70s he had a single issued by Blues King, and on the JSP label, an album featuring further titles from this session plus earlier tracks. Albums also appeared on MCM, Rumble (with Jimmy Dawkins), Teardrop (including a collaboration with Jimmy Rogers) and a highly-acclaimed set for Black Magic. Hip died of cancer in 1989. Linkchain's guitar style was unique in the west-side Chicago tradition, and he was a talented songwriter and singer.

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