Hi All:

The CD's should be arriving today. Let me know how you would like to get
your "Thank You" copy. I've got a copy for each contributing artist or band
member that performed on the CD. I don't mind delivering them to you, if
you're in the nearby area. I can mail them. Or, I can get them to you at the
Blues for Kids' Sake party in December at Heroes & Legends. Just let me know
what works for you.

We changed the party date from Wednesday, December 3, to Tuesday, December
2. Many of you host or attend the jam sessions at Carter's Place on
Wednesday, so we move it up one day. I hope this dosn't inconvenience

The CD be will be on sale through Crow's Nest in Joliet and Chicago,
CDBaby.com, and several of the Pubs and businesses in the Joliet area. If
you know of any pubs or businesses that would like to help sell the CD,
please let me know. We have 10-count CD display boxes available.

Scott Slocum at NextMedia has offered to run 30-second radio spots to
promote the CD. The Joliet Herald News will also be promoting the CD.

Again, pass this on to your bandmates or other contributors that aren't on
my distribution list. Let me know as soon as you can if you'll be able to

Hope to see you in December!